Self-generating Digital CDI Ignition Kit

Ducati Race Singles - Wide Case - Self-generating Digital CDI Ignition Kit

NOTE: This kit comes with a non-programmable CDI as standard.

  • Self generating digital CDI ignition with external rotor.
  • External pick-up coil for precise and stable timing directly off the crankshaft.
  • Digital CDI with pre-programmed advance curve for the Ducati singles.
  • Original points cam not required.
  • Power output greatly improved upon the original 40w (and later 60w) generators.
  • No battery or any part of the original ignition required.
  • No modification required - ‘direct fitting'.
  • Complete kit includes generator (plate is 96mm OD and has 3 mounting holes), rotor, non-programmable digital CDI , HT Coil and fitting Kit.


In common with other suppliers we are unable to offer warranty for electrical components used for racing.

Price: £325.00 Ex VAT
£390.00 Inc VAT

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  • Model: CDI



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