Ducati 350 Forza ( Spanish)

Bought as a runner by the seller in 2015.  It has original Spanish registration and licencing document. This bike appears to be    a 350 Forza that has been modified possibly for track use as there is no speedo, a few parts have been removed and a pair of dropped Ace bars have added. The frame is of a later type and my guess is that the bike is around 1980. Most of the bike appears to be fundamentally original with the exception of the seat unit, handlebars and silencer. The silencer is from an earlier 24 Horas. Notable parts that are missing are the instuments and indicators. My assumption would be that this bike entered the country from Spain in this condition. The frame number is present and can be seen in the pictures but unfortunately someone in the past has removed the engine numbers. 


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The bike is located South of the West Midlands but please contact us in the first instance for more information


Price: £1,650.00 VAT Free

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  • Model: BM-redforza



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