250 Road Piston 75.5mm

250 Road Piston - 75.5mm

This is a high quality forged Omega piston and is intended as a replacement for the original 3 ring Borgo Piston used in Mk 3 and Desmo 250's. The crown is as per original height and valve pockets, the original stated compression ratio for this piston was 9.7:1.   With a lower compression than the full race piston, it is also suitable for milder race use (being from the same forging it is every bit as strong as the race piston). It comes complete with 18mm pin and clips and the total assembly weight is 354 grams.

This piston is usable in all 250 road bikes but due to variations in deck heights and piston pockets it is impossible to be specific about compression ratios. What can be said is that using this piston as a direct replacement for a Monza or SCR the compression ratio would be somewhat lower than the original specified for this piston above.  Without measurement it is difficult to give a figure but I would expect as a direct replacement without any change in deck height compression ratio would work out around 8:1 to 8.5:1.

Although it is not anticipated that there would be any issues with valve to piston clearance regardless of what model the piston is fitted to, it is always good policy to check valve to piston clearance with some modelling clay. This assumes the use of standard Ducati road cams.

Full fitting instruction are included with all our pistons.

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£210.00 Inc VAT

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