Uprated Clutch Set 450

Clutch Plate & Spring set. The kit contains 6 friction plates, 5 x 2mm Steel Plates and clutch springs.

The kit contains 450 (22 Kg) springs.

This kit was originally designed for racing use to overcome the problem of the thin 1mm steel plates overheating and distorting. The 2mm plates overcome this problem and this combination is a direct fit in the standard basket.

This kit is however equally suitable for road use and can reduce clutch drag dramatically. Suitable for all 450's which have 7 friction plates as standard.  For those concerned about the smaller friction area, in years of race use we have not experienced any problems with 250's and 350's and only on the most powerful 450 race engines has it led to reduced plate life.  On these engines it is an option to fit a Nova extended clutch to use 7 friction plates if found to be necessary.


All plates are manufactured by Surflex in Italy, the original manufacturer. The steel plates are stamped out from high carbon steel.  



Price: £79.95 Ex VAT
£95.94 Inc VAT

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  • Model: GC-09034



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