Road/Race Cam 277 Profile

Top quality cam made for us by Piper Cams.


Most suitable for 350's and 450's




Inlet opens 54° BTDC Inlet closes 70° ABDC

Exh opens 80° BBDC Exh closes 38° ATDC


Figures obtained at 20 thou of lift (0.5mm) using running clearances.

Inlet lift 11.3mm, Exhaust lift 10.5mm

Running clearances

- Inlet 4 to 5 thou (0.1mm to 0.125mm)

- Exhaust 7 to 8 thou (0.175mm to 0.20mm)

Price: £310.00 Ex VAT
£372.00 Inc VAT

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  • Model: SP-10005



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