Road/Race Cam 173 Profile

Top quality cam made for us by Piper Cams.

Very good for 250 race bikes and Clubmen 350 race bikes with heads that may not benefit from the 277. Can also be used for "Sporty" 350 road bikes. We have found this cam to work well with an open road silencer giving good mid-range and a definite improvement on the ubiquitous Green and White with no disadvantage.




Inlet opens 39° BTDC Inlet closes 64° ABDC


Exh opens 67° BBDC Exh closes 38° ATDC


Figures obtained at 40 thou of lift (1.0mm) using running clearances.


Inlet lift 9.5mm, Exhaust lift 9mm


Running clearances - Inlet 6 thou (0.15mm) - Exhaust 8 thou (0.20mm)

Price: £310.00 Ex VAT
£372.00 Inc VAT

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  • Model: SP-10007



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