Moto Guzzi V7 Sport - Jack Findlay Replica

Words supplied by the seller:

I am proposing to sell my Moto Guzzi V7 Sport race bike which is currently eligible for the pre-72 classes in both the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club and British Historic Racing.


This also means that it is eligible for classic racing with other clubs, e.g. Aintree MCC, Wirral 100, Crewe and South Cheshire MCC.


It also runs in the BHR BEARS class in its current form. However, I have all the components for an 1100 cc square barrel engine which means that it would in effect become a Le Mans. Round barrel engines can’t easily be taken beyond 950cc, but the BEARS class is eligible for bikes up to 1986 so making a Mark III Le Mans eligible.


The engine has been developed to give very useable power and the problems of racing big block Guzzis, i.e. oil flow to the big ends, have been eliminated. It has a high capacity oil pump, large oil separator, sump extension and Windage Plate. Equally the crank case has a bespoke strengthening plate to eliminate possible flexing/cracking 

Similarly the ignition is a light triggered system by Volke Sachse and has proven to be ultra reliable.


The frame and steering geometry have also been developed with a lightweight copy of the Tonti frame. It is very stable and is excellent in wet conditions.




For both bike and new engine project, please see specs below.




This is a fast track bike that will put a very big grin on your face when you hook a series of good laps.


At 156 kgs it is light for a large block Guzzi, but it is a big bike and you’ll need to be fit to get the best from it. Approaching 60 with dodgy knees and back, it is becoming time for me to down size to the 500 class, hence why I’m looking to sell.




I am looking for £8,500 for the bike with round barrel engine and £2,500 for the engine components (less than cost); however I would look at sensible offers to sell both together.



Engine: Standard 1972 Round Barrel - 2 Valves Heads

Bore / Stroke: 88 mm X 78 mm 950CC

Compression: 11.5:1

Anodise alloy timing gears

 Bespoke strengthening plate for crank cases


Ignition: Sachse Digital Light Triggered – 9 Programs / Battery total loss

Advance: 80 to 340 @ 4000 RPM

Spark: ‘Dyna Ignition Coils’ / Twin plug


Camshaft: ‘Raceco F Cam’


Carburettors: Dellorto PHF 40 mm


Gearbox / Clutch: ‘Le Mans’ Race cluster standard case / Light weight ‘Agostini’ steel clutch


Additional: High output oil pump / Large capacity oil separator / Windage Plate / Sum Spacer/ Quill 2 into 1 tuned exhaust / Titanium Pushrods


Power: 76 BHP at rear Wheel @7500 RPM (Circa 89 BHP at Crank / 94 BHP per litre)

Torque: 56 ft/lb at rear Wheel @ 6750 RPM


 Head Flow and Dyno Data supplied with bike


Frame: Light weight copy of standard frame  Rake Angle 260


Forks / Shocks: 38mm Marazocchi / Koni Adjustable


Swinging Arm: Machined Standard


Drive Box(s): Modified 1100 Sport 8:33 plus Standard 7:37 ratio


Wheels / Tyres: Front 18 x 2.5 Avon AM22 / Rear 18 x 3.0 Avon AM23


Brakes: Front Brembo P6 x 2  / Rear Brembo P5


Weight: Circa 156 Kgs wet (all fluids)


Race Registration: CRMC Classic & Post Classic / British Historic Racing ‘72 Specials



Components for 1100 Square Barrel Engine


Donor Engine: Mark III Le Mans

 Polished and lightened Crank

 Carrillo Rods 

 Straight Cut Timing Gears


Heads: Ex Jim Blomley Race Heads

 Inlet Valve 46.75 mm

 Exhaust valve 40mm

 Needle Roller Valve Gear (from donor engine)


Barrels: Barrels from donor bike

 Squeeze form liners –need to be machined and fitted


Pistons: Ross Racing Piston Four custom made 94mm pistons to match with heads above. Circa 376gms (Spec Sheet will be supplied)


Other: Bespoke laser cut Windage Plate


In the first instance please contact us for more details


UPDATE: link now to video of bike running

copy and paste link into your browser if clicking oin this does not work.





Price: £8,500.00 VAT Free

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  • Model: NCV7



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