High Output Oil Pump

High output oil pump - This oil pump is a quality manufactured item made especially for us in Italy with a one piece gear construction and anodised pump body. These latest pumps have approximately 22% more volume than the standard pump. They have an 8mm driven shaft with a wider 3mm drive tang which dramatically reduces bush wear due to the better support of the larger diameter bearing and more tolerance to misalignment of the pump to the driving idler gear. This not too uncommon misalignment occurs due to poor factory tolerancing and leads to rapid bush and shaft wear on the original pumps. These pumps have the benefit of the pressure relief valve facility (should you wish to blank off the pressure relief the oil pump back plate can be fitted upside down to achieve this).

Fitting notes: During installation care should be taken to check the end float of the oil pump drive/timing idler gear to provide adequate clearance to the oil pump drive tang . Clearance between the gear shaft and oil pump should allow free turning of the gear and pump and not exceed 0.5mm. This pump is 1mm deeper in depth than the original and may require shimming or the shaft of the oil pump drive/timing idler gear to be pressed through the gear slightly. As a result of this it may also become necessary in some cases that this gear shaft will need grinding shorter at the other end to prevent contact with the crankshaft.

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£246.00 Inc VAT

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  • Model: TO-10100



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