Ducati 250 Race Bike

General details

Engine number - 112204

Frame number -  97742

Piston - Arias

Camshaft - Green/white 

Valves - coil spring conversion with shim clearance rocker arms

Carburettor - Amal mark2 34mm

Ignition - Moira with twin plug coil (12 volt total loss)

Front forks - 35mm Marzocchi

Front brake - 180mm double sided 2LS (Motocicli of Italy)

Rear shocks - NBJ racing

Wheels - both 18" with borrani rims (good racing tyres

Gibson exhaust system

Information on history

The previous owner bought the bike in 2010 and used it for parades at various circuits around the UK. Due to illness he decided to sell it in 2017, when I bought it.

My plan was also to parade the bike but once a detailed examination was carried out it became apparent that a substantial amount of work would be required. I have carried this out over the last 9 months.

I have now decided that I am too old to 'parade' as planned and as such, wish to sell the bike.

Work carried out is as follows.


This was stripped due to a top end rattle and problems with the bevel drive identified. The top bevel self aligning bearing housing was worn and a new one was produced and fitted along with the self aligning and camshaft bearings.

The top and bottom bevel shaft 'd' joint was worn and both shafts were stellite welded, machined and refitted with a new (Lacey supplied) sleeve. Bearings were replaced where necessary.

The bottom end was stripped with bearings and gaskets replaced as required.

It now sounds much better!

Primary gears are standard and whilst the gearbox works well, I do not have details the ratios.

It is fitted with a 'wet' clutch.

The only other point to note is that, at some time the cylinder head has had a small weld repair at the joint face. There was no sign of any leakage when I got the bike and since repairs all seems well.


This has been refurbished including new brackets for the seat, tank, footrests and exhaust. The battery carrier has been moved backwards and lowered to create more clearance for the carburettor.

The frame. swinging arm and all attachments have been powder coated.

The front brake was poorly fitted and required reworking, including new cables and machining of the brake shoes. It is now an excellent brake.

The tank is made of GRP and has no leaks.


The words have been supplied by the seller, in the first instance please contact us for more details


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